The Legacy of Timewarp Arcade

Remember when arcades were fun??

We’ve brought those days back!

More than 50+ arcade machines mostly covering the 80’s and 90’s are available to play with unlimited credits for just one entry price of £8.00!
Plus we have a dance machine, air hockey, pool tables and a few consoles all included to play in the entry price.

Stay for an hour or stay all day. The best value arcade in the South West!

Who Is Timewarp Arcade

Our mission/vision/dream is provide a one stop entertainment venue which provides a massive nostalgia trip, at a super cheap price.

Timewarp Arcade is place for retro gaming fans to come and visit, play and meet like minded gamers. Even if you where not around in the golden days of gaming and want to see some history, Timewarp Arcade is a great place to sample various games that hallmarked many features you see in games today.

Meet Our Team

StuartOwner - Atari Fanboy
Stuart is owner of Timewarp Arcade and is the reason why it came into existence. He has been gaming for as long as he can remember.
NormanFront of House - Driving Addict
Norman is the first friendly face you most likely meet when you visit Timewarp Arcade. He runs the front desk.
LukeTechnician - Bullet Hell Lover
Luke is the Tech/Repair guy for nearly all of Timewarp Arcade and is constantly busy fixing or improving the arcade machines we have.